When your husband asks for a divorce. If the spouse kills the other and is found not guilty by the law.

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I thank you for the discussion, however.

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Also everyone of his 5 uncles including his Dad have been divorced at least once.

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Although he lists a number of personal attributes for mediators, Mosten emphasized patience and the ability to adapt.

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That being said, it's very rare for a wife to want out because the marriage is sexless ; it's the other way around

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For several years prior to my wife and I splitting up, I developed what I thought was arthritis in my hands and knees.

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Me saying it was "awesome" isn't enough detail, or explanation.

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The home is paid for and the assets are very good.

But after your article I had no idea people who vowed to love you can turn mean.

Unfortunately, he decided to continue his affair and move in with her.