What combination of sex chromosones results in a male. That is one of the main aims of the book, to underline the essential bias of societal and cultural norms that formed the basis for the apparently impartial scientific studies of the past.

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Her problem seems to be that they aren't especially high-paying, and so I guess the implication is that only high-paying jobs are worthwhile.

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I suggest, potential reader, especially male readers, that you sit with this thought a bit right now and think a little more deeply about this for a minute or two.

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That,to me, is an incredible omission.

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The only danger when this is done is of using the same type of dodgy data to make the counter argument.

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Saini says that there are some people who "assume that there is a fundamental difference between men and women".

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There is some mention of intersex people, but Saini does seem to presume heterosexuality as the historical default I think the only mention of same-sex acts is when big ass porn tumblr great apes.

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A very interesting read.

It shows how science was used to marginalize women, as the basis for laws and societal norms.

That most women never attended school throughout history thus they never learned to read and write?

In many parts of the world we see ideologies in men and women that should have been left in eighteenth century.