Unix latex bibtex commands. However, we have invested a lot of time and effort in creating GNU Octave, and we would appreciate if you would cite if you used.

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The main reason I have special key bindings like F11and F12 is so that the keys work in any mode.

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Some plotting functions return a "plotting object", that can be stored, modified and later plotted, with the print function.

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The following setting prevents accidentally editing hidden text when the point is inside a folded region.

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Fonts in typography.

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Mach operating system.

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If multiple input files are given, pandoc will concatenate them all with blank lines between them before parsing.

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Enables a MultiMarkdown style title block at the top of the document, for example:.

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Feel free to edit this page with your changes.

Computes mean values of vector agregates defined by factor tapply as.

For this reason you must vectorize your code as much as possible.