long nude legs Spike trying to refrain from losing his temper in front of his son.">

Tom and jerry butch dog. Tuffy's Big Adventure:

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Spike's son, Tyke is shown as a cute, sweet, happy and innocent puppy.

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When Hildie and Beatie go away on a bbw hunter olivia, Tom and Jerry has problems when their ghost nephew, Grayson, comes over and throws a large party with his friends and takes their crystal ball for bowling.

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The Truce Hurts and Pet Peeve are so far the only cartoons where Spike actually cares about and shows affection for Tom; these relationships often dissolve and usually end with them fighting.

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Tom and Jerry befriend a baby dragon.

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You Can't Handle the Tooth:

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Jerry fights back to make sure that Spike keeps his cool.

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Smitten with the Kitten:

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SpikeTom sometimes.

Bigby's inventions makes things float, so Jerry and Napoleon try it on themselves and then they try it out on Tom.

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