Spair breast lift reduction. To treat the seromas, a needle is inserted and the serum is collected in a syringe.

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Seromas and Other Breast Surgeries.

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In relation to the vertical axis, the mosque dome incision plan displaces the breast to the middle and to the side; the peripheral limbs of the incision plan are marked so that they approximate join at no less than 5-cm above the inframammary fold.

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Conditions associated with Seroma in Liposuction:

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Sometimes liposuction is performed with this procedure.

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Patients with elevated blood pressure.

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In response, L.

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A complication of the Anchor mastopexy is the tension-caused wound breakdown at the junction of the three limbs of the incision, yet the scars usually heal without undergoing hypertrophy.

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Having a large scale liposuction procedure will also contribute to making seromas more likely.

Drinking alcohol before surgery.

The surgeon resects cuts and removes an almost-triangular segment of tissue below the medial pedicle.

Seroma accumulation is one of the more common problems seen following abdominoplasty however; it does not seem to alter the end cosmetic result.