Samara justicar. Complete Mordin's Loyalty Mission.

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FAQ And Walkthrough.

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When you gain the loyalty of both Jack and Miranda they will have a fight.

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You know the part in the game were you board the disabled collector ship?

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Want to know a very useful ability?

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This trick will only work for people who don't have enough Paragon or Renagade points.

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Look for spots that don't mesh with the landscape, random craters, oceans, ice caps, belts, ect.

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Scan the following planets to find anomalies:

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Well on her loyalty mission were you have gay bear picture help her kill morinth the ardat-yakshi, when you get to the part when you and morinth are alone in her apartment, make sure you have a lot of paragon points then samara walks in there is a pause in the battle two speech options appear.