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What makes you think Ruhle is a racist, r97?

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He was also in LA awhile back for like a week; did his show from there.

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He is a very outspoken and articulate young Democrat but I never see any DL love.

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She's fine when doing on-air reporting snippets.

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Also fabulous in that she was part of a big gender discrimination lawsuit against the Beeb, which may still be pending over pay and promotions, not harassment, though Porn girl scissoring girl don't doubt there is that too.

Are you referring to the homophobe Roland Martin, R, or is there another who doesn't deserve chastisement?

That's not to say I'm excusing it because NBC was right in firing him from the evening news anchor spot.

During one segment with four guests, he just kept insisting on interrupting their serious discussion to drop in all these ridiculous cultural and rap references, causing very awkward pauses in the conversation, and I really felt ass up pic guests were straining to not show how annoyed they probably were by it all.

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