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Intellectual attraction is more for another person's ideas or mind than toward their body or physical presence.

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I understand that she was a product of her upbringing and if she knew better, she probably, would have done better.

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Further, of course, there can be unexpected disappointments or displeasures as when, say, one's mate or friend becomes terribly angry unjustifiably because of some frustration rather than because of anything the object of his wrath has actually done.

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The sleepy effect is due to the hormones mentioned earlier.

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We've always rented houses before, or been on cruise ships, so Lisa and I have always been able to get away for intimate time when needed.

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Seven months later, she met the man who eventually became her husband.

But I don't mind thin small lightweight paddles but big ones I try to run away from.

Few give the reasons or evidence for the reasonableness or wisdom of their views.