How can god heal my broken heart. Upon believing, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit.

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One of them began to read it, to marvel and to be inflamed by it.

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I went on to say that so many people in our Protestant churches do not really know Christ.

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For now it was certain.

The eyes which represent the windows of the soul bespeak of the condition and state of the mind.

Gathering attender I responded to in a post, Chrissy Romine, will read your comments.

In our minds, we often automatically know what seems to be the best solution based on learned experiences.

Indians have now imbibed the missionary spirit of the West and cry out that Sannyasins should come out and take part in social and political activities.

Help your mother to feel loved, to have fun, and to hope for better days ahead.

Come, Jesus Christ, and take your rightful place in my heart and in my life here.