Herbalife a scam. But that doesn't make these people's terrible experiences and less valid.

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But alas these are the clowns in government who never worked in a business setting, so thank you FTC in making me nauseated.

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Also a brownie is not a brownie, that was the funniest thing Ive ever read, I guess you dont understand the big brother sexy between clean ingredients and man made ingredients that get stuck on your arterial wall Hyrodgenated soybean shit oil.

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The order requires a clear differentiation between people who join just to rukario hentai pictures discounted products for their own use and those who join the business opportunity.

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Start with Raw lean meat.

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Once again, I have no one to blame but myself.

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They don't care if you gain weight after using, only suggestion is to take it for 1 more time and place order, if we ask for refund they start wwe diva ashley nude true colors by asking weight pictures.

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Find the right weight loss program for you.

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I would be fascinated by their responses to your significantly unbalanced and one sided arguments.

How is Herbalife good for you if it contains processed ingredients?

Now I have a ton of this product in my house, never touching it again.

Thank you for sharing!