Femfight fan. The same time frame saw the birth of a primitive globalisation and first empire — the Persian Empire — stretching from Egypt to India.

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A partition, was drawn up by a British judge, Lord Ratcliffe, who had never visited Indiausing old and out of date maps.

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Her judicial Jupiter and responsible Saturn square are each conjunct his Midheaven and Descendant.

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Topping it off unstable jack in the box, Uranus, has been squaring his Secondary Progressed Sun.

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That he will attempt to extract revenge on what he viewed as an undermining of his legitimacy as US President.

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This works via the trueexclusives that humans best remember beginnings and endings.

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He was to lead a revolt against the inequality of the day, in what became the first time in history that a people's revolution overthew and replaced a ruling class.

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Far too many funny sex video clips priorities, of economy ruining ecology or desperate politicians playing on populist nationalism at a time when global co-operation is more critical than at any other time in humanity's history.

I am using the Astrodatabank time for this article, but including Jack's Twitter account below too.

Four days following the January 4 Solar Eclipse, five men pleaded guilty to the burglary of the Democrat headquarters at Watergate.

On that day transiting Mars reached the degree of India's Secondary Progressed Mars, a very fitting dual connection involving the traditional mexican chicks orgy of war and weaponry.

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