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Facial wart cure. He said that if this hasn't worked within three weeks he will do surgery with a laser.

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Be more careful with facial warts, since facial skin is delicate.

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It has been a year and no more plantar warts, the good thing about this stuff is, my body fought the good looking pick up lines off itself, now I have immunity to the warts as opposed to cutting, freezing, and lazering.

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A rash caused by a fungus that rapidly multiplies in warm, damp conditions, such as athletic shoes.

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I would definitely recommend not putting the ACV toner anywhere on or near your eyes.

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Improves healing time Leaves no scar Wards off most of the wart types.

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Will you have any recommendation for DIY natural moisturiser?

In fact in many cases, the wart melted with a fizzle even before the treatment was over.

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