El dorado chel hot. This acoustic track shows the talent behind the gloss and is a very pleasant finish.

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But whatever, you can depend on a SAF treatment to come up with something refreshing and stimulating, often fun and always different.

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Sayce doesn't go in for too many solos but he puts in a good one here with touches of Bon Jovi.

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On which subject, Mick couldn't have chosen a finer guitarist to complement the unique character of his own singing voice - notwithstanding the fact that Clive's immensely highly regarded as a skilled soloist, nay virtuoso, in his own right and here on Mick's record he's no stag vixen tumblr subordinate support artist.

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It works too, his delicate melancholic guitar tracery a perfect foil for her wasted on valium vocals.

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For all of you who are tired of polished mediocrity, this is unvarnished honesty, impossible-to-resist rootsy, hatless ' country ' fare with a ' recorded live ' energy and songwriting of the highest calibre.