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Both albums are housed inside a page book reproducing the original engravings by Juan Arkotxa, 64 of which are full color.

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Combine this with the Lady's lack of any backstory whatsoever, and you get an enormous mystery as to her true nature.

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That plotline vanishes fairly early on, and the plots become much more character-driven and focused on the relationships within the cast.

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On the other hand, his lips flap up and down in a very inhuman manner and a newspaper announces that he's having a "real-boy operation.

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She plays with this trope a bit when she tells Rito they are not related by blood just to see his reaction, only to admit she's just kidding afterwards.

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The Gatheringfor a while, printed labels on the nonhuman races like Goblin and Elf but didn't print Human in their typeline.

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Then one figures out they can move, turning him into a three-dimensional person capable of regular movement, albeit still animated in jerky 2D.