Anterior quadrant anus. IMRT may be necessary in some gynecologic tumors where its high precision is especially necessary to avoid immediately adjacent structures such as bowel or where there is a special need to avoid marrow.

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Patients with real incontinence tion can result in megarectum and megasigmoid, and can require a bowel management program, which involves lead to fecal impaction and overflow incontinence.

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Her2 positive cancers can be hormone receptor ER or PR negative or positive.

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Angioedema, Hereditary Angle of insonation A measure of deviation from "straight on" to a reference plane measured in degrees.

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N Engl J Med ;

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Lippincott, 2 ed.

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Parasympathetic Nervi erigentes reach their pelvic destination via the second, third, and fourth sacral spinal nerves.

Neuromuscular junctions in this file derive from actual reconstructions and do not include extrapolations see Neuron Connectivity to Sensory Organs and Muscles below.

Management in the Newborn Period.