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It's packed with strong songs and powerful acid guitar, as urophiliacs as contemporary production flourishes and a guest appearance from cult jazzman Bob Downes.

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Kathe Kollwitz's memorial to mothers who lost their children.

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I had many teachers, some good and some bad.

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At its peak Dan Dare reached a circulation of about one million weekly, but that figure had fallen to 20, by

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On our own, walking on scenic paths in Prague and Cesky Kumlov were special treats for us.

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It becomes readily apparent on the first track that the band's sound is slightly jazzier and the melodies are a little tighter and stronger.

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John McGreevy.

The cultural shift that occurred in the s can be measured by the success of an entirely different kind of massage creep shawna lenee, such as Viz begunwhich, in a crude Beano -like style and in Beano parody, offered story lines complete with juvenile sexprofanity, and scatology to a market composed chiefly of males ages 18—

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