Gay flirting. If you don't feel confident, fake it; hold your head high and keep your spine straight, but relaxed.

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Is he making good eye contact?

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Cruise your target and observe what he's wearing, what he looks like, what he's drinking.

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Here comes this guy, he starts to make small talk about the equipment we are using.

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If you are in a new place or somewhere out of your comfort zone, try making it work for you.

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R80, I'm a gay-identifying asexual man, and I never check out other men's packages.

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She felt that, in a gay bar, we could have a nice long talk in peace, as straight guys wouldn't be hitting on her and disturbing us.

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It's part of the attraction.

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People like talking about themselves and enjoy seeing that their conversation partner is interested.

If they are pointing towards you, this is a good sign of body language flirting because that means he is interested.