Early dagwood comic strips. It's pretty amazing.

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From the beginning Fuller established three basic rules:

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So, no, I've never regretted killing him.

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The plot of Jean de Florette centers around nude in car pictures former tax collector from the city inheriting his mother's property in the country, and his attempt to spend the rest of his days living there with his wife and daughter as a farmer.

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It went like this:


October - Fuller-Stanley announces a shutdown October

I was wondering if JB had any tips on how to properly draw Ben Grimm.

Why did JB kill Guardian?

Knight on Horseback ; private collection takes first prize in sculpture at the Ohio State Fair.

One day, doodling for my own amusement, I came up with the face I thought might be hidden from call girl at work, and sent it along to Chris with whom I was working on IRON FIST at the timeChris, in his usual suave, subtle manner called me up and said "You blew it!

Found object pieces have a Paul Kleeā€”like quality.